Sunday, 10 August 2014

My, my... GR is actually putting paint on some models. What gives?

Hi guys, GR here again. I was struck by inspiration (or madness) and decided to actually get some paint on the Nurgle Kill Team, and I'm determined to actually finish these - which is usually the bane of my projects, the paint part. I'm terrible undisciplined when it comes to finishing the whole project, paintwise - but not this time!!

After trying out a bunch of greenish/brownish colour schemes, and not being completely happy with the result, I ended up using the colour scheme from my Death Guard army - it looks like they should in the fluff, and I think it's much easier dirtying up white, than trying to make dirty green not look like a blob of filth on the tabletop.

I used a heavily modified version of my army paint scheme, based on a bleached bone basecoat, zenith highlighted white, washed with thinned brown, and going completely apeshit with weathering, rust and grime. I like it so far. :)

I went for a very Blanchitzuish vibe, very grim dark - what do you think?


  1. Oh man... The Cairn Wraith conversion rocks. That is so great. The rest are also super sweet. Great lookin' minis.

  2. I agree - the plaguemarines are stellar but the wraith conversion is among the best I´ve ever seen. Love it to bitz!!

  3. Good lord you were right Jeff. That wraith is a thing of beauty!