Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A celebration of my new camera - and a lot of WIP pics of the warband

I just got my hands on a shiny new Canon Powershot camera - it's not an amazing camera, like the multi-thousand-dollar gadgets some of my photography buddies have, but it's an amazing value for the money, and many times better than my old Ixus 7. I've spent a couple of hours getting familiar with it, and I really like it so far - the settings enable me to get a crispness from the minis that I haven't been able to before.

Without further ado, here's the guys:


The Daemon Host (still unnamed):

And the Arco Flagellant, also unnamed yet:

Hopefully more pics soon - let me know what you think.:)


  1. Nice work on the inquisitor! Really impressed with the daemonhost, I had a similar idea a while back. I look forward to seeing some paint splashed on soon.

    maybe worth you adding the 'follow this blog' thingy from blogger.

  2. Thanks a lot! And thanks for the tip about "follow this blog" app - I'm still very new to this whole blogspot thing. :)

  3. Your thread on Dakka was already great, and clearly you're continuing on par here.

    First I thought these minis were for Inq28, but I read "Kill Team" somewhere. Doesn't really matter, anyway, as long as the minis are awesome.

  4. Excellent work on these! I've been a big fan of your work on Dakka and quality sure hasn't dropped!

    And the powershot line is sure one of the best value cameras considering price and quality. Used to have one a way bag before I got a DSLR