Sunday, 11 May 2014

Gimpshop and Menites

I was so lucky the other day that GR took some pictures of my Warmachine miniatures, more specificly around a 100 points of Protectorate of Menoth. The pictures is a lot better than those a can produce on my phone, so I’m quite thankful to GR. He also gave me a fast course in photo editing using GimpShop. So check out my first gallery.

I also got a game in against Skorne. I played High Exemplar Kreoss and he fielded Supreme Aptimus Zaal. The game went out to my opponent's favor, by me very quickly getting behind on attrition. So I didn't really get time to take a lot of pictures and write notes for a battle report because I had to focus on the game to even get a small chance. But I got a single picture from the end of my first turn!

I choose to give temple flame guard with UA a chance, I have been running Zealots and they have done very well for me, and I think I still prefer them to the flame guard. But I will properly give them another shot or two ;) 

I hope you like the pictures and I will try to get a battle report together soon!

/Johan B.

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