Friday, 23 May 2014

Hi guys - GR here. :)
First of all, we've gotten over 2000 views on this blog as of today, 12 followers and a lot of nice comments - so thank you all for checking out our work, and commenting. :)

I've gotten a bit further on the warband, mostly the henchmen. I didn't have my usual background with me, so the pics aren't as nice as they usually are, but they're okay for showing the progress. :)

Stefan Kraut (Veteran Acolyte, storm bolter:

Terminator, reposed:

Preacher (Acolyte):

Acolyte, Flamer:

The butcher: (shamelessly stolen the idea from Jeff Vaders Convertorum blog)


  1. Great work. I really love the addition of the stormbolter to Stefan Kraut, and the composition of the flamer acolyte. Looking forward to seeing them painted up!

  2. Excellent work again :) I love the flamer pose, one thing I'd suggest is maybe a chain or strap from the flamer round the back of the acolytes head. I'd guess that that flamers really heavy and the chain/strap would be for support.