Sunday, 11 May 2014

Small blast from the past

Hi guys, GR here.

While I was taking some pics of the latest progress on my warband, I spotted a miniature I made about 2 years ago, standing in the display cabinet of our local gaming club. It was actually made to tease one of our resident members; he's a bit of a fluff geek, but since he's fairly new to the hobby, compared to us old rats, he's not familiar with the old background. He was ranting about how silly it was to have the Deathwing KNIGHTS wear feathers, and thought the general amount of feathers on the Dark Angels miniature were too damn high.

I calmly explained to him that it had connections to the original background for the Deathwing, that they were native american themed, with fitting names; Two Heads Talking, Lame Bear, Cloud Runner, etc. His look of disbelief was worth it. I actually had to google up some images, in order for him to believe me.

Anyway, this got me thinking; a native american themed DW army would be cool . I've always loved the iconography, the mohawks, etc.. I grabbed some bits, and bashed this guy together. I actually think the concept works pretty good, but the painting was so time consuming (painting nice bone colour takes a loooong time) that I dropped the project. Still, I think it's worth showing:

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