Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Stop painting! – Start playing!

So I done a lot of painting lately, I always do, but outside of intro games I haven’t had a game in a few weeks. My two regular gaming buddy is busy at the moment, one out traveling with his work and the other has just become a dad, which has made it a little harder to get games into the out schedule.

I finished my redeemer and the reckoner from the tutorial tonight, and I’m trying to see if I can get a game in tomorrow, but I will have to do a little traveling L

So here some pictures

 The last one is the reckoner I did for the tutorial the other day, it help the process along that the first things had gotten some paint

And what else? I’m have come to an epic point where I got more painted points than unpainted. I got 122 points painted and 111 still lacking paint. I still don’t own all the warcasters or the judicator, so there is still some way to go. But I think I need a break, so either commission painting or a new army, and I'm thinking new army ;)

I thinking about doing Skorne for a journeyman league this fall, and I'm regularly stopping myself from ordering the battle box online. My plan is to do the regular battle box, going for a beast heavy army and doing a caster swap with Makeda3.  

GR is helping by hating all Skorne models beside the titans, and threatening to destroy my painted jacks if a buy any of the ugly models. I have been trying to tempt him into playing a little Warmachine/Hordes by giving him some intro games and telling him the earthborn dire troll is coming in plastic. Only time will tell if I am successful :)

That was a little late night rambling from me


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