Friday, 16 May 2014

Sunshine and new jacks

Hello again! Johan here!

So the sun is back in Copenhagen, and it is awesome! It's not a reason to not build and paint miniatures though. A few days ago I received some reinforcements for my Protectorate army, more specifically a reckenor/castigator/sanctifer kit and a redeemer. A choose to buy these basically because I felt that I kept building lists were I included another reckenor and a redeemer.

And why you ask? The reckenor is just good, reach, SPD 5, assault and a flare. What's not to love? It quickly became my favorite jack when I got into PoM and I really like the chassis overall. I used a vanquisher for a while to get some AOEs into my armies, but I haven't been happy about the results. Yes, the vanquisher is an amazing jack, but I really think the reckenor just does a better job at being a heavy jack, and yes, a 4" aoe with continues fire is amazing at setting stuff like shield walled infantry on fire, but you can't be a beaty heavy jack and shooty heavy jack at the same time(Unless you are a reckenor of course). So therefore I decided to get the redeemer too. I hope it will do better at handing out AOEs and with eFeora its going to set things on fire too.

So last night a began putting the new jacks together and I got a bit greedy. I had acquired and old metal castigator in a trade, but I didn't really see myself fielding it any time soon, and then I started cutting, clipping, and gluing. A couple of hours later the castigator had turned into a brand ned reckenor. I put together the new heavy jack as a sanctifier and used the spare bits to upgrade the old castigator. And here you go!

It's just a picture from my phone and it aren't that great, but I hope you can live with it. I'm also able to field a Vindictus tier 4 theme force now, which actually was one of my plans when I started last year, now I just have to paint some jacks and a second unit of Errants. Hopefully I will start tonight on the painting, but we also have a terrain painting weekend coming up and I have to do some prep-work for that too. My plan is to take some pictures while painting the reckenor and putting together a painting guide for how I paint red.

So a lot of ideas! :)


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