Wednesday, 7 May 2014

"You missed my introduction"

Hello ya-all

My name is Johan, but I’m also known as Kaizer on some of the forums out there. GR finally made the blog, so we went from idea to action, so I will start by telling you a bit about my background as a gamer and painter.

 As most people I started with The Games Workshop games – first fantasy and later 40k. My first encounter with Games Workshop was in the shop in Copenhagen, where I went in with my brother and came out with a lot of exciting ideas. But it was first years later I played my first real game of Warhammer.

 The first many years my friends and I played homemade RPG games build up around our miniatures. It resembled warhammer a lot, but do to the fact that my native language is Danish; a couple of years went by before I had the necessary English skills to read and understand the rules. It was a lot of fun and it kept me painting and interested in the hobby.

 My early teen years was used primarily playing “Dungeon and Dragons” and some LARPing, and through that I meet some new people who played warhammer, which got me into the hobby again. I went out and bought a Wood elves army since they had just gotten a new army book. Over the next couple of years I painted a lot and played a few games, but not that often. Along came 2007 and Chaos Space Marines got a new codex and started getting into 40k(Codex creeping is my thing). It was hard to finding time for playing games, since I worked a lot after school and it was first when my local gaming store ran some small 40k 5th tournaments I really got started. And here from it evolved quickly.

I started getting a least a single game in pr. week and after a while a moved a lot closer to the gaming store and got a part time gig there running game nights and helping kids getting into the hobby. It gave me two nights a week dedicated to playing, painting and making events such as tournaments and intro-days. I improved my gaming skills as well as my hobby skills, and ended up being an outrider for Games Workshop hoping to get GW to support some big local tournaments (yes I was young and naïve).

It was in this period I tried Warmachine/Hordes the first time, and to say it in a simple way, It didn’t like it. Then came the days of the field test for mark 2 and most of the local players started playing 40k, so it wasn’t really a big deal. I stopped working at the game store in Roskilde and moved to Copenhagen. Here I became a member of the local club Emperor’s Pride.

Emperor’s Pride has been there battlefield where I evolved from a teen gamer to a mature gamer, and a bitter painter. I have become a decent painter, decent gamer and a great Tournament organizer. I have been the main guy on a lot of one-day tournaments and two weekend tournaments, the third one coming up this June. I played big tournaments in 40k, fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes both in Denmark and once in the Netherlands. I have played Wood Elves, Beastmen, Vampire Counts and Empire in warhammer fantasy - Chaos space marines, Dark angels, Orks, Blood Angels, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Tau Empire in warhammer 40k and Skorne, Circle and Menoth in Warmachine/Hordes. Today I own a small dark elder force, a giant Tyranid swarm and a decent sized Menoth crusade. I played my tyranids a lot when they got the new codex in January but since March my focus has been on Warmachine/Hordes.

Have I rage-quit Warhammer 40k? I got a big tournament next month so not really, I just enjoy 40k as a casual game and at the moment I’m really into something more competitive, which I think Warmachine offers me. I’m reading a lot of tacticas around the Privateer Press board and listening to different stuff on Hand Cannon Online, and I started painting some battlegroups for intro gaming and maybe I will try to become a Press Ganger ;)

So that is the short version of it – I will properly do a lot of posts about I just finished pairing something, but I will try to do some battle reports and some tournaments reviews, so stay tuned for more. More pictures, less text next time.


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