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Battle report - Kreoss1 vs. Makeda2

Greetings once again y’all!

As my last post indicated I really wanted to get another game soon, and the other day I got a game in against my friend who plays Skorne. He usually plays Khador, but he has lately gotten into playing his Skorne army. I will make a small battlereport, it is not my first, but it has been about a year since I did one last. I hope you will enjoy it ;)

The armies
I choose to play pKreoss, both because I got my new jacks I wanted to try out with him, but also because he has purification which I think is great against Skorne.
-Hierophant (at the end of the game I realize I had forgotten to put him on the table)
Exemplar Errants (full)
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Holy Zealots (full)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

He played eMakeda, basically because he think she does great against Menoth because she aren’t that upkeep depended.
-Molik Karn
Beast handlers
Cetrati (full)
Swordmen (full)
Tyrant command and standard

We rolled for scenario and end up playing Incursion. My opponent has a lot more game experience than me, so I usually has a hard time winning scenarios against him, so when I won the roll of I choose to go first so I could get across the board before we were able to score control points.

I bricked up all my normal deployment and put Errants on my left and since my opponent had set really weak on my right I put Nicia there alone to threat on objective or simply flank if the flag would disappear.

Round 1
First turns a usually simple and fast, but I was thinking about putting “Lamentation” up. I end not doing it and allocating a focus to each of my jacks so they could run forward, and “Lamentation” never got into play since I really never got a chance to catch Makeda within my control area.
Everything simply ran up the board to get into a better position. Nicia ran all the way up to the flag on my left being ready to do some flanking and Kreoss put “Defenders Ward” on the Errants.

My opponent starts by activating Makeda casting “Road to War” and putting leash on Molik Karn followed by an advance forward up to the wall outside his deployment zone. The tyrant command uses “Press Forward” on the Cetrati letting them advance 9” forward in “Shieldwall”. The Krea uses it animus, paralytic aura, and advances up next to Makeda. Everything advances forward and at the end of his turn the flag on my right disappear leaving Nicia with nothing to do than killing stuff.

Round 2
I decided to put a dent into the swordsmen since with Makedas feat and their own minifeat is quite good at killing a lot of errants. I put 3 focus on the redeemer for some mass template shooting and upkeeps “Defenders Ward”. I start by activating Nicia and charging the closes Cetrati and getting within melee range of a swordsman too. My plan was to do a charge attack against the Cetrati and putting a dent in his 8 boxes and using her second attack on killing the swordsman sprinting away to safety followed up by a couple of reckoner shots to take him out. But I forgot about Makedas “Stay Death” ability keeping Nicia from sprinting away. Damn.

On the other side of the table the Errants advance forward with their crossbows ready. They start shooting at the swordsmen ending up taking out most of them leaving him with only 3-4 guys and the flag left. After the Errants the Zealots sings Warding and their mini feat Greater Destiny and run forward swarming the flag in the middle hoping I could prevent any of his models getting within 4 of the flag giving me some fast CP, but I don’t have enough movement.
 Since most of the swordsmen is all ready gone the redeemer has very little to do and simply shoots a lot of templates all over the place doing nothing, even though the choir had sung battle on it and the two reckoners. The Reckoners follow by moving forward behind the zealots and taking some shots, one of them killing a swordsman and the other one falling to damage the gladiator. I knew the feat were coming now, and a had a OK feeling about it, knowing I would lose a lot of Errants but having kept the swordsmen from killing them all.

He starts by leaching fury from all his beasts having to cut for one do to “Stay Death”. After upkeeping Leash he goes right for it. Activating Makeda casting Road to war once more and using her feat, Instrument of war. There after he goes for the swordsmen using their minifeat charging the errants with boosted attack rolls and automatic kills. Followed by that comes the tyrant commander, once more press forward for the cetrati and also charges into the Errant officer making a errant sacrifice for the officer. The arcidon flights in and takes out a errant and sprints away, staying within 4 of the flag on the left. Finally a couple of the beasthandlers also charges in on the errants leaving me with 2 errants, the officer and the standard bearer.
The Cetrati spreads out in front of my zealots getting within 4 of the flag. A single one of them attacks Nicia and she is slain. The Krea keeps his animus up to protect herself, Makeda and the gladiator. The gladiator and Molik Karn set up to go on a killing spree next turn when the zealots once more are killable.

Round 3
Kreoss drops upkeeping defenders ward on the last couple of Errants and gives each of the reckoners 2 focus. Since his feat makes his army immune to knockdown, I have no plan of feating this turn, which makes it hard for me to retaliate from his last turn. I decided to try to take Molik karn out, since he can both threaten my infantry and my heavies, but I start with the errants. They take a charge order trying to give some damage to the tyrant commander and clearing out the last swordsmen and beast handlers engaging them, but fails to hit anything but the tyrant commander giving him a few points of damage. At the same time the standard bearer runs over and contests the flag on the left. The errant seneschal isn’t able to take out a swordsman either. Afterwards I go for the Zealots, singing fervor in hope of doing some damage, but do to the placement of the Cetrati very few bombs can be thrown, but a single zealots manage to hit the beasthandler locking my errants in combat and taking the swordsmen next to it with it in the blast leaving the errants unharmed. The redeemer tries to take out some swordsmen but fails to hit anything, even though the choir had given it battle. Kreoss advances up behind the wall and purifies Leash of Molik and shots down the Kreas animus. The two reckoners with battle support and ascelliary attack from the vassals leaves Molik Karn burning with 6 boxes left. At this point it looked bad and I really hoped for the fire to take out Molik. Knowing he would have to clear some zealots a put the reclaimer up in front of the reckoners protecting them with Soulstorm.

The fire keeps on burning, but fails to make any damage to Molik at all. My opponent decides to get something out of Molik before he dies and plans to have him run down to the reckoners and start making them into burning wrecks. He starts with trying to clear a charge lane with the cetrati, but the cetrati failing miserable and not hitting any of the important once. He gets a bit nervous know going for the archidon, killing my errant officer and sprinting back where it came from. The gladiator slams a zealot taking it out and one further in blocking Moliks charge lane. Then the tyrant command walks in and kills another zealot leaving only a single model blocking Molik.

Next are his swordsmen, planning to have the last model with swords kill my errant standard and thereby scoring the flag on my left. But once again he fails to hit, leaving the standard still contesting. His last shot a clearing room for Molik now is Makeda casting stranglehold on the zealot, and he ends up boosting both to hit and damage to be sure to taking him out, forgetting he has to heal Molik too leaving Makeda with know fury for transfers. The Krea walks behind her and uses its animus to give her some protection. The beastmasters uses enrage on Molik and since soul storm has 50% to take out one of Moliks aspects he has to charge my monolith bearer and sidewalk over to the reckoner making him vast an attack and only engaging one of them.  He manages to take out the reckenor leaving both himself and Makeda quite valuable.

Round 4

This is were I choose to go for assassination since Makeda has no fury left and I have a hard time seeing me winning this on scenario. Kreoss gives 3 focus to the redeemer and walks up next to Molik hoping to get the krea within his control area to purify the animus, but can’t get within range only knocking Makeda down still leaving her with a lot of armor against my range attacks. First off is the last errant with a crossbow, followed by the errant seneschal giving her a few points of damage. Next up is the redeemer, which only manages to hit her once and I boost the damage bringing her down to 7 boxes. Then the reclaim gives the reckoner 2 focus trading in some souls and the reckoner moves up a ends the game with some help from the vassal.

So I end up winning on assassination.

I hope you enjoy. Next time I will try to get more pictures, it's hard to remember when you are playing too ;)


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