Thursday, 5 June 2014

A class photo of the retinue, and some other tidbits...

Hi y'all, GR here.

It's been a bit of a busy week at work (new school year approaching, classes that need to scheduled and all that), but I've managed to do a bit of work on the warband.

Something about the Terminators pose had been bothering me, and after scrutinizing it, it occurred to me that he was leaning to much forward - I promptly ripped him off his base, made the rubble pile a little bigger, and hey presto, much better - it's a subtle difference, but an important one, IMO:

As you can see, he and his mates have also gotten a lot more bling on them:

The preacher is almost finished - here are some different angles:

A pic of the rest of the warrior acolytes:

A year ago a buddy gave me a unit of stripped FW Renegade Ogryns, saying: "Do something cool with them". They've been sitting around my bits box since, but I got an idea, very much inspired by KrautScientists great conversion here

I haven't finalized the fluff, but I'm thinking something along an Ogryn Miner, who's somehow been saved from a terrible mining accident by the little twist that's sitting on him. The Ogryns grattitude has resulted in a very strange partnership:

Lastly, I tried getting a good shot of the whole warband - it's not great, but they look pretty good all lined up - click on the image for a large scale popup:

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  1. Great work! Looking forward to seeing it painted. Excellent, inspiring stuff!