Friday, 13 June 2014

War of Vindication and pFeora

Last weekend was a long weekend. I was the TO of a team 40k tournament this weekend, so that is why I haven’t had time to throwing anything up on the blog this last week. We had 7 teams of 5 players each, a stand-in team and off course some staff.

Thanks to anyone who came to compete, but also a great applause to everyone who just came out and gave a helping hand with food, setting up tables, playing on the stand-in table and so on. It would be overwhelming with out the support.

My next plan as a TO, is being second in command on a 40k tournament on the Danish con called Viking-Con. It is my third or fourth year as support on this tournament and I’m thinking of throwing in a Hardcore Warmachine/Hordes tournament on the con if people are up for it. But it aren’t until October so there will properly be some smaller events too beforehand.

I painted 2 mini’s since my last update, almost 3. First was my guardian and Madelyn Corbeau, I painted both over the night before I went to a steamroller tournament on the June 1st. I lost all my games, but I put up a fight :) Thanks to Peter for hosting the tournament


Madelyn Corbeau

I have decided to give one caster some extra gaming attention, and I have decided on pFeora.

Started painting her last night and she is almost done. I got inspired to try her out after reading a bit about her in paradox’s Feora1 Sagas, so I’m trying to put together a list based on what I read and what miniatures I have at the moment.

I will get back to you with what I learn.

/Johan B.

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