Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Abominus, Terminator Champion of Nurgle, is ready for battle!

I've finished the painting on my evil Nurgle Champion, Abominus. He seems a bit darker than the others, mostly because the trims are more dominant on him, but I like the result - he seems very dark and looming, and I particularly like his pet vulture.

I'm almost done greenstuffing the spawn - can't decide if it needs more arms. Hmm... 

Mmmm... Spawn-butt:


  1. More amazing work.

    you inspired me to make my own giant plague fly (to use as a Helldrake)

    Been looking for to make a spawn. What did you use for the body of yours?

  2. Thanks - always happy to inspire people. :)

    The body is one of the carriers from the chaos war altar from Fantasy.

  3. I have to know the bits you used for the terminator.