Monday, 4 August 2014

Back in business - enough of this Warma-nonsense!

I've been messing around with my conversion of Karchev the Terrible, for Warmachine; Khador, but in the proces of painting him, I got REALLY frustrated with the lack of details, the ones that are there are very soft and the cast is just horrible - even though I spent hours cleaning it up. Basically, I got pissed off at a little plastic man. I yelled at him, and put him in a corner in my "To-do section" of my cabinet (basically a dump for unfinished projects), and pondered about life.

Jokes aside - I need a break from this project, to find out what to do, IF I'm going to do it, and in that case, how much compromise to do from a painting perspective. The whole point was to really give my best, and I just don't think the quality of the miniature allows it.
Anyway, enough of this. GW may be expensive, even overpriced, lousy at making rules, but man, can they make a great miniature.

Back to Kill Team!

I'm starting a Kill Team campaign in my local gaming club, Emperors Pride, and being the mad modeller I am (or just an idiot, your call), I couldn't just finish my Inquisitor Warband. I had to start a new one. I decided on my old love, Nurgle Chaos Marines. I couldn't just use models from my (fully painted) Death Guard army either. No, I had to do another truescale project.

So anyway, I went to work, and have churned these out over the past few days. The Plague Marines are the only ones that are completely ready for paint, the other ones need a lot of greenstuffing and detailing, but I wanted to show them off. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a comparison pic, but the Plague Marines (based on GK terminator legs) really tower over a regular space marine, and completely dwarfs a cultist).

Plague Marines:

Terminator champion, with lightning claw and heavy flamer:

Cultist with heavy stubber (I need 4 more with autoguns, and 5 with hand weapons/auto pistols)

Raptor with flamer - actually an old project I found lurking in my bits box. A fresh base, and a few touch ups later:


As always, please leave a comment - I love getting feedback and critique. :)


  1. Amazing work on these.. Very grim and dorky, me likey!

  2. Sorry I have a few questions. What technique did you use to make their Torsos, I have seen folks cut down Terminator chest and backs. And I have seen folks us regular SM chest and backs. Are the shoulder pads or Terminator pads, and final question. Is the torso for the Plague Marine a forge world make or regularly GW chest?