Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to paint Nurgle Cultists, GR-style.

Hi guys.

Some people have asked how I did the Nurgle cultists, since I've said that I used mostly washes. I'm not gonna do a tutorial, since I've got a lot of real life work at the moment, but I'll happily share the recipe with you. :)

1) Prime white
2) Wash whole model (except flesh and hood) in Nuln Oil
3) Wash green parts Waaargh flesh ( thinned 50/50)
4) Wash brown parts Agrax
5) Wash brown parts thinned Steel Legion (50/50)
6) Wash hood with 50/50 thinned Army Painter Strong Tone
7) Wash black parts 50/50 thinned Vallejo Air Black
8) Drybrush green parts Elysian Green
9) Give the whole model an EXTREMELY light drybrush of pure white (edge highlighting)
10) Wash black parts Nuln Oil
11) Wash brown parts Agrax

12) Wash metal 50/50 thinned chainmail
13) Wash metal Agrax
14) Wash metal Nuln Oil

15) Paint flesh Pallid Wych Flesh
16) Wash with 40/40/20 mix of Sepia/Ogryn Flesh/Biel Tan green
17) Paint recesses of skin with Ogryn Flesh wash
18) Drybrush skin extremely light pure white
19) Wash Green parts with a 50/50 mix of Ogryn Flesh/Agrax Earthshade.

20) Using a sponge, dabble on small patches of Agrax and Nuln oil on clothes, etc. to make them look dirty.

21) Glowing eyes painted with Billious Green (Ancient paint pot), highlighted to almost pure white.

Rust: Model Mates Rust Effect (amazing product - made from real rust).

Blood: Tamiya Clear Red, with a small amount of black.

That's about it! :)

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  1. Are you serious. Such simple steps and you make them look so good! Hats off mate, way off.