Sunday, 31 August 2014

Plaguebearers joining the party.

Hi guys, GR here.

 I've decided to add a couple of Plaguebearers to my Kill Team, to replace one of the units of cultists - mostly because cultists are very cheap and good in this format, and because I wanted to turn down the power level a bit.

However, after having a long hard look at the standard plastic plaguebearers, I decided that they were too goofy, small and non-threatening for my little Kill Team, so I went to my local GW, looked at the shelves, and let my imagination fly. I ended up bringing home a box of crypt horrors, which I've spent most of last night cutting up and throwing green stuff onto. They're still WIP, I need to think about what to do with the swords, perhaps some intestines hanging from their bellies, and maybe a single eye - I am, however, very partial to the idea of blind daemons.

I also wanted to show you guys the NPC monster for the next mission in our Kill Team campaign - the Tunnel Dweller.


  1. Those Plague Bearers look awesome! Great conversions. I'd say no intestines hanging out, as it'll look more intimidating, IMHO. And no eyes either. Creepy...

  2. Did you ever finish the plague bearers?