Sunday, 21 September 2014

Battle report - Kreoss3 vs. Haley2

 After a small meeting about a future journeyman league, I had planned a game against a guy from the local store I haven’t had a game against yet. 

We rolled on steamroller and ended up playing outflank.

My list was a variation of a Kreoss3 list I saw at the Masters this weekend, but I was to lazy to paint the UA for the flameguard so went with a full unit of zealots instead of the UA.

Interessor Kreoss
-Fire of Salvation
Holy Zealots(max)
-Monolith Bearer
Vassal of Menoth
Exemplar Vengers(max)

He is going to a tournament at the start of October so he had a Haley2 and a Siege list ready, and went with the Haley2 list, since I haven’t had the pleasure of playing against her yet.

Major Victoria Haley
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
-Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Horgenhold Forge Guard(max)
Stormblade Infantry
-3 Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner
Anastasia di Bray
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Journeyman Warcaster
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

We rolled for a steamroller scenario and ended up playing outflank.

He wins the roll of and chooses to go first, and after deployment it looks like this.

Turn 1
He starts his turn with the journeyman putting arcane shield on the centurion. Haley casts deceleration and advances up behind a tiny fence. The centurion spearheads the army entering the zone on my left, backed up by Thorn and the unit of Stormblades. The Gunmages advances and spreads out in the middle and Rhupert plays “Heroic Call” for the Forgeguard who runs toward the zone on my right with Eiryss on their flank.

After allocating a focus to each of the jacks I activate Kreoss. He puts Holy ward on the Temple flameguards and advances up behind the giant rock. I was planning to put up warpath, but forgot. The entire army runs forward. Zealots leading the left flank backed up by the vengers, Kreoss, Vanquisher and Reckenor in the middle and Temple Flameguards followed by Fire of Salvation on my right.

Turn 2
I missed judge the Centurions threat range, and he allocates the centurion 4 focus.  Gorman walks up into the zone and drops his cloud. Haley then walks up behind the cloud and feats. She then uses telekinesis on the centurion moving it two forward followed by Thorn moving along thanks to his reactive drive. She then casts Temporal Acceleration on the Centurion just to be safe.

The Centurion then charges my Reckoner and takes it out with its last swing.  The gun mages moves up and starts taking some shots at my vanquisher failing to do any damage, but thanks to snipe they manage to take out two choir members. The stormblades moves up and spread out in the zone and the Storm Gunners takes out a couple of zeolots. The Forgeguard his Rhupert playing “March” and advances into the zone hiding in the forrest. Last Anastasia di Bray advances toward Kreoss hiding behind the pillar in the middle of the table.

My turn is pretty much controlled by my opponent since my entire army is in Haley’s control area to some extend. So the vengers go first, simply moving a little to my left. Next up is the Zealots who uses their mini feat, sings about “Warding” them self against spells and moves into the zone to contest. Two of them try to hinder the Centurions movement, basicly forcing my opponent to cast Telekinesis one more.. Next up is the Flameguard gets a shieldwall order and walks into the zone ready to take a punch from the forgeguard, followed by Fire of Salvation. Next is the Vassal how just uses ancillary attack, letting the vanquisher take a shot at one of the dwarfs hoping to take out Anastasia with blast damage, but the forgeguard is engage and the Vanquisher doesn’t get a good deviation with either of its shots. The choir moves a little around and last up is Kreoss. He ends up having to cast “Crevasse” on a gun mage, spraying Anastasia and two forgeguards killing all three. That got a little to close

Turn 3
The Centurion is going to continue its wrecking spree getting 4 focus once more. Haley moves it with telekinesis once again, followed by Gorman moving up and throwing a rust bomb on it. The Centurion then moves over and wrecks the Vanquisher right in front of Kreoss and the Vassal. Eiryss shots a bolt at Fire of salvation and disrupts it, followed by the gunmages taking some shots at the Vengers that all misses and a single shot at a choir member that forces them to take a command test which they fail. The Forgeguards advance and tries to take out some temple flameguard, but they don’t get much job done.

I’m loosing heavies to fast, and since fire of Salvation is disruptet I can’t really expect it to do any work this turn. But I see and chance for assassination do to his model placement. Kreoss moves up close to the centurion and gets range to the Stormblade in front of Haley, which I “Force Hammer” through her knocking her down and doing a little damage, besides killing the Stormblade. No I only have to clear room for the zealots to move in and throw some bombs. First the Vassal takes out a stormblade with “Arcane bolt” followed by a single venger charging a Gunmage but failing to hit. And now there is only the zealots left. I have to take some free strikes, so I start with a guy far behind. A gunmage’s free strike kills him, triggering “Holy Monolith” making 3 others move past the gunmages into bombing range without being killed. 3 bombs later and Haley is dead.

I'm updating my gallery today, so take a look if you want to see some of the stuff I did for the masters.


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