Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Danish Masters over and done with

So the Danish Masters is over. I won a single game, which was my goal and I ended up at the 15th place out of 17 players. So not a big deal, planning to get more practice games in before the next tournament.

But I got a couple of games in extra. Spiced up my High reclaimer list with some Vengers, and I think it was much better, so I’m gonna try that for a while. The extra threat range is great, and they also make great feat targets.

Besides that game I got my first hardcore game. I really liked the format since I read about it the first time, but people around here aren’t that turned on about it. So after a game of High Command I talked a friend into trying it and we ended up Kreoss3 against Sturgis1. Choose to bring as few models as possible.

Kreoss3 - tier 4
-Fire of Salvation

The list worked fine. I was in the zone fast and started dominating my why to victory, even though a couple of my turns ended prematurely. Looking forward to playing the format again.

I’m thinking about going to Iron Moot this November, so let the practice begin ;)


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