Monday, 1 September 2014

Tzeentch daemons and a battle engine

So I got around to snapping some quick pictures of the daemons I painted this summer. I choose to just take some sample pictures since I didn’t have a good spot to take pictures of an entire army.

The army is ment to be used for both Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy, so some bases have some magnets in the bottom and the rest are going into movement trays.

The army contains the following:


Lord of Change(built by GR)

2 daemon princes(the birdy build by GR and the other one by myself) 

3 herald on discs(2 on foot I don't have pictures of)

9 screamers

5 furies

6 flamers

35 horros(2 full command groups)

The owner is planning some expansions of the army, the only one on my painting table is a soul grinder which I’m planning to get  a little further with today actually.

Besides painting a lot I’m trying to make some plans for the upcoming Masters tournament, and since I just got some new minitures in, I’m thinking about putting some of the on my list. This guy is the one I’m looking forward to trying out the most

Before I started playing protectorate, I was playing circle and I really liked warpath from Kromac alot. Kreoss3 realy reminds me of the days of teleporting stalkers, followed by warpath move, finally the stalker berserkering into infantry and sometimes just smashing down warcasters.

But Kreoss3 uses warpath in a totally other way! Mostly I think is going be used to give some of my heavies some extra threat range, which is always great. But more on that when he has gotten some game time.

I owe some pictures for last, Tristan, Saxon and Gorman.

Besides putting together some new miniatures I also finished my Vessel of Judgement

I have had this model laying around for almost a year, but first got around to ordering a base for it last month. And thanks to Battlefield Berlin I quickly got the base and that motivated the painting a lot. I will have to order another base soon since I just got a Judicator last week, and I'm thinking that I should get one for Reznik2 while I am at it, even thought I haven't gotten around to ordering him yet.

That's all for now, if anyone got some thoughts on which 3 casters I should bring to the masters, I am all ears! :)

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  1. That daemon army is sweet! Glad to see those great conversions from GR in a complete army as well.
    Oh and that vessel is just about the coolest mini I've seen from that range as I actually like it a lot! Great paintjob on it to ;)