Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sigh... Warmachine/Hordes round 2.

Hi guys, GR here.

As some of you may remember I got angry with the Khador Karchev conversion I'd been working on - mostly because I didn't feel the details were good enough. I've decided to give the models another chance. That goes for the game as well - man, it's difficult to keep track of all the synergy, spells, buffs, feats and focus, coming from ages of playing 40k. Phew...

Anyway, here goes - first is my Beast 09 conversion - It was a challenge to convert him into a running pose, but I think I pulled it off. He also need an axe that actually looks like it has reach.

I've also magnetized his right hand, so I can play him as a Juggernaut, or even Kodiak:

I'm also in the process of making a decimator - however, after playing a few games with these (VERY impressed by Beast 09), the decimator seems kind of... Meh. I'm considering building a Grolar, after reading a bit about him - any thoughts? 

Oh, dear - I've also liked the way Trollbloods look for a long time, so I bought a Mauler troll, which I'm in the process of converting into a bit more dynamic pose - the pic doesn't really show it, but he's sort of in a mid jump pose. Better pics later, my camera ran out of battery.

Johan is starting a Journeyman League in our local gaming club, and I'm debating whether I should use trolls alternative starter (Hoarluk, Pyre troll, Storm Troll, Mauler) or Khador alternative (Butcher, Kodiak, Decimator)


  1. Wondered what you had been up to GR. Been missing my fix of your high quality minis.

  2. Hey GR, Beast 09 looks great as do all your other conversions! It looks like you are using Plasticard (or similar) for Beast's axe and for the spikes on some of your other conversions. What thicknesses are you using for each?