Saturday, 8 November 2014

A new approach

Once more I have been a bit lazy updating the blog – and for that I am sorry. My hobby time has been put into some commission work, but also getting a National Journeyman league running and playing Cryx in the league. And I’m only gonna talk about the league today.

So the national league is quite simple. 4 different groups run each of their own league, but we compare points across for national winners besides locale winners. Hopping to do a little more support for new players across the country and bringing everyone a little closer to each other.

I’m playing across three different league – They all run by the self, so not much work there. I haven’t gotten a lot of games in or painted a lot. I started cryx for the league and I choose to go with the alternative battlebox, because it seams more interesting. I had already painted the Denegraha battlebox and used it in a couple of intro games and she is great, no arguing there but I was more excited about fielding the leviathan than the slayer – So the Iron Lich has found his way to the battle field.

We are in the end of the 3ed week and I have only gotten 5 games in, all in the first week. I’m quite sad about this because I have been looking forward to getting the league going. Hopefully I will get a couple of games in next week.

My first game was against GR – He has done some Khador which most of you have properly already seen. I have tried to get GR interested in Warmachine/Hordes for some time, but he is struggling with the learning curve. In our game he actually surprised me with throwing my night wrench after Gaspy and trying to finish him off with the decimater. But he left Gaspy with 2 boxes and the next couple of turns went with shredding Khador jacks. GR played great, he learned a lot.

My second game was against a guy down at the LGS – He usually playes Retribution of Scryrah but has but some Convergeance of Cyriss stuff for the league. Pretty standard Gaspy moves – Parasite on a light jack and then the leviathan kills it – And then we move on to the next one. The game gets a little problematic do to Reconstruct. I had not been careful enough with my placing which made it possible for him to place his reconstructed Inverter where I didn’t have a got chance of taking it out. He retaliates and takes out my lights, but the leviathan wouldn’t go down so the Inverter gets the levithans claw.

Third game was against one of my great friends, who has decided to put Skorne on hold and get on with his Farrow army. He is guite comfortable in his game plan – but on my second turn my leviathan takes out one of his gunboars like it is nothing. Couple of turns later Gaspy himself finishes of the War Hog and spell slings the last gunboar to death.

Fourth game is against another great friend – He usually plays Cygnar, but have been dreaming about a Rhulic force for some time, and since he just bought a unit of Forgeguard for his Cygnar he might as well start playing Searforge commision for the league.  
The games quickly goes south and my last chance is Gaspy trying to spellsling Gorten to death leaving him south of 5 boxes.
The last game was against a guy from the local gaming club – I gave him a couple of intro games earlier this year and he has gotten quite into Khador since. His playing the Sorcha battlebox and I get to play very defensively hiding my leviathan behind a wall shooting at parasite jacks until it and Gaspy charges into finish it off.

So that was a little about the games – My second week addition was Aiakos and a Necrotech. The plan was for Aiakos to take over the Levithan letting it get better movement from Escort and lots of focus for shooting things dead. This week I have planned to add a full unit of bane knights and bane lord Tartarus. I’m hoping to get a lot out of vengeance since most people don’t have the tools to wipe out 10 banes in a single turn.

On the painting side of Cryx is moving slowly forward, hopefully accelerating a little doing the next week. I got my first model done last week and I decided to start with what I am worst at getting done – painting facings on the bases. So I started with building a hell lot of bases and airbrushing some nice green glow on the back facing, so now that is done for now. I’m not smart enough to have taken any pictures of it, but you can see a little on the bane knight picture.

First of is the leviathan – The first and only model done, still needing facing on its base – Curses.

It’s quite different from how I usually paint, but I am quite psyched about this project and to day a put together a unit of bane knights and the Bane Lord and got the work done with the airbrush.

Most of the groundwork is done for my 25 point army, hoping to finish it on Monday, but the weekend is quite packed already.

Hope you enjoyed the read

Johan B.

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