Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Renegade Mechanicus Kill Team - the start of a new project.

Hi guys - GR here again. I've been on a bit of a hobby hiatus, not really feeling inspired, so I haven't done too much lately - however, there is a small project in the works. A renegade/chaos Mechanicus Kill Team.

I love the mechanicus aesthetic, but I like a bit more freedom to do ragged, weird machines, and throwing in a bit of mutations and daemons. Dark Mechanicus may be a bit too much (especially considering I've got an entire army of them, only half painted), but I wanted to do a small, weird project, a bit steampunkish and grungy.

I haven't finalized any fluff yet, but I have an idea about the magos being a rogue explorator magos, somehow gotten disconnected from the Mechanicus, and now dabbles in all the forbidden arts - servitors, viras, mutations and non-STCs and daemons.

Everything is VERY WIP, and quite rough - I just find it motivating to share my in-progress pics, so people can comment, and critique. Here goes.

My Magos (my thought is that he'll be used as a Herald on Plague Drone)

A couple of servitors/beasts - I've yet to decide what they should be used for:


And my Data Daemons (counts as daemonettes)

I've also gotten inspired to do another project, that involves the blight kings kit - more to come in the next few days... :) 

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  1. Those Servitor/beasts are badass!
    As Ive told you before you've inspired my Nurgle / Chaos army I'm slowly working on.