Friday, 23 January 2015

I'm lazy

I haven’t updated this blog for far to long, and that’s not cool. I haven’t really been into my on projects for some time, but that has change with the new Masters Format for Warmachine/Hordes

I signed up for the Nordisch masters in Bremen in May. The 3-list format really bothered me, but the with the new format I’m on active duty with Gaspy3.  He was one of the casters who I was really excited about when I first was starting Cryx, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. Not because I have been winning an awful lot, but I really like the way he plays, and I really think the vanguard benefit helps him a lot. So the next couple of updates are gonna be about my exploits with the Hellbringer and who is going to be his partner-in-crime. Right now, I’m thinking witch coven :)

I have done a lot of painting, but mostly on a guy at my clubs legion army. He asked for help getting the army painted after I lured him into the game.

And here is what I have managed to get done so far
Next up is a second ravagore, 2 angels and more.

I have gotten a little of Cryx painted, but I haven't found the time to take some better pictures, so that must wait for a later date.

So to sum up - I'm still doing this, I haven't gotten any documentation - more will come next week. I promise!

/Johan B.

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