Friday, 1 May 2015

Late night update!

Hi again - GR here.

A bit of a late night update - Andreas and I are chilling, listening to some music and messing with little plastic dudes. Andreas has just finished his 5 man unit of Skitarii rangers, and we took a couple of pics of them, as well as my Ruststalkers:

I also tried putting some paint on my new Onager, but failed horribly, so I ended up stripping it again - here's a pic with it next to Andreas' Ironstrider, which he's putting paint on as I write this. 

Lastly, a pic of everything we've painted so far - It's starting to look a bit like a small army:


  1. Wow, I am amazed how cohesive the force looks, even though it has been painted by two different persons - very well done!

  2. Thanks! We use somewhat different approaches for the metal, but it ends up looking nice and cohesive, mostly thanks to the red - it's an exciting challenge, trying to match paint styles, and I'm learning a lot from Andreas, picking up his style and tricks.

  3. Great project :) so you will be expanding into the Cult when that's released?

  4. Oh yes.... You can expect to see at least one of each released mechanicus miniature on this site :)

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