Sunday, 7 June 2015

Kor Gahal - so pretty in pink!

I'm in the process of putting some paint on Kor Gahal.
I originally tried the paint scheme I did on the original possessed earlier in this thread, but I just seemed too dark, and didn't really "pop" on the tabletop. I also thought it was more red than crimson, and therefore a bit more like World Eaters than Word Bearers. So I tried another colour scheme, using Khorne red, then stippled with Vallejo Red, Wild Reder red, and a pink, washed over with Carroburg Crimson. I actually think this is closer to the colour I imagine Word Bearers being, but it's a little daunting painting almost pink marines - I think it looks more crimson than pink, but I could use you guys opinions - does it work, or is it too pink?

Btw, I think I'll try another colour for the OSL eyes - I'm thinking Sybarite Green, for a sickly bluish green glow. I just need to get hold of a pot.


  1. The crimson looks great. Not too pink in my opinion. I like the green eyes on your original possessed, so I think you should go with something like that instead of the blue.

    How did you paint the metallics? The trims on the armour look good.

    I'm looking forwards for more Word Bearers!

  2. Thanks! The metal is just ironbreaker washed twice with agrax earthshade, and rehighlighted with ironbreaker. :-). The colour I'm thinking about, Sybarite Green, is definitely more green than blue.