Monday, 7 September 2015

A bit of news from GR - and goodbye to Warmachine.

Hi guys - long time, no update (seems to be the standard blog entry introduction here, doesn't it? Sigh.)

At the time I'm having great fun playing Age of Sigmar. I'm assembling a small Nurgle horde, with Blight Kings, converted Nurgle trolls, a Maggoth Lord conversion and an absolutely HUGE Nurgle Giant. Much more to come shortly - I'm very close to having painted 10 blight kings, and they look disgusting. ;)

The Word Bearer project is on hold at the moment - I'm hearing whispers in the Warp about a new Chaos codex not being too far away, so I'm holding on for a bit, to see if there'll be a new plastic Chaos Marine kit, as the present one is very old and very ugly. Perhaps even some other new kits as well? *crosses fingers*

I've totally forgotten to post the pics of my finished Khador jacks - I think they turned out really well, and I like the contrast and pop of the dirty white colour scheme:


Then why am I finished with Warmachine?

Well... Some of you may remember that I built a blighted troll, which my buddy Jonas offered to trade for the new Ruin character jack; I recently recieved it, and I am appalled by the quality, or lack thereof. The details are practically nonexistent, the fur on his shoulder is almost flat, and theres almost no sharp edges anywhere to be found. And it's not just a bad cast either - another member of my local gaming club got one too, and it has the same problems.

This, combined with the fact that I've been annoyed with the lack of quality and details before (having to paint edges and details on is frustrating) means that I've decided to put my money where my mouth is, and quit Warmachine. Not that I've played a lot, but I think their miniatures plain suck, and are way too expensive for having such lousy quality. Ruin is a 65$ miniature. When I see how the great quality I get from GW, Wyrd/Malifaux or other manufacturers for that kind of cash, I see no reason whatsoever to support Privateer Press - I feel like they're screwing their customers over.No offense intended to anyone who likes WM/H - I think it's a pretty good game, but being a hobbyist first and foremost, they're not giving me value for my money.

So yes - goodbye to Warmachine.

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