Wednesday, 24 April 2019

WIP Wednesday.

Yup, WIP Wednesday. Apparently, it's a thing. At least it is now. Since I have a WIP and it's wednesday.

This guy (the Maggoth Beast, that is) is OLD. I'm not sure if I made it back when the Maggoths first came out, during the end times in 2014, or if he's a little younger, perhaps when I started messing with AoS at first, shortly after it's release.

Anyway, I kinda like the Maggoths at first, but they suffer from a bit of the same malady as the Mutalith - it has a tendency to look a little flat from certain angles. I wanted to make it wilder and more chaosy, and since it came with two extra arms, and extra heads, I thought "why not?" and decided to make this crazy beast. And then, it sat in my cabinet of stranded projects for some years. Until now.

The rider, I made yesterday. I wanted him to be less fighter-y and more sorcerer-y, and I think he conveys a quiet malediction, that somehow gives a cool contrast to the wild beast.

I'm not sure what he's going to be played as; perhaps a Verminlord corruptor? (Tongue = tail attacks, lots of melee attacks = four arms, wizard = the rider on top), or maybe even a Mutalith vortex beast - I don't know yet, but suggestions are welcomed. I just think it's a cool model and it needs to get on the tabletop.

(PS: The real Maggoth lord warscrolls are pretty boring to me, so I'd rather not use those).

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Progress in the garden...

A bit of progress on the Nurgle guys - after having played practically every game with a Harbinger of Decay as a general, I wanted to try something different, so I've put together a Lord of Afflictions, which I think came out pretty cool:

I think the standard one is very bland, while this one is quite a bit more menacing.

Also, a bit of colour on the tree - much more to come, but hey, it's something. Also, I'm working on Gnarlmaw #2, which is more of less scratchbuilt.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

A small break from the little blue buggers.

Yep, I needed a break from the little blue guys. The squigs are mostly done (needing a final highlight on the teeth and gums), and then it's on to the riders. And the rest of the of the army. ;)

Before that, though, I took a small detour and made some reinforcements for my Nurgle army. I've only used a Harbinger of Decay as a general, and for some reason I haven't considered the Great Unclean One as a general. After looking at his warscroll, he seems really cool and brings a whole new thing to the army (one of the things I really like about AoS is the way a general can change an armys synergy), so I decided to try him out.

Last january, the new plastic GUO arrived. A buddy had given me a recast version of the FW GUO some time ago, and while I really like the quiet menacing look he has, I like the new dynamic pose of the plastic GUO even more, so I got one, and started to go to town.

I gave him the classic iconic sword and flail (mostly because it looks cool), but while building him, I was wondering where to put the dark green I use for the armour of my Nurgle army, so I got the idea to make him a gladiator style shoulder pad. It'l obviously get scratched, dinged and rotted up later, but the basic idea is there. Also, for some reason I felt compelled to have a tree with bells growing out of his left shoulder - I'll try to come up with some fluff to explain it. Please note the adorable nurgling posing on the branch. :D

The other addition to my army is a Gnarlmaw. While it has some pretty cool rules, the real bonus, I think, is the way it gives extra contagion points. So I needed one.
However, I wasn't really a fan of the model as is. The branches seemed to weedy to my, and I felt GW missed a chance to make a REALLY creepy tree.
I started experimenting with some spare wyldwood trees, and once it got glued together and greenstuffed, I like it much better than the standard. I'm still deciding whether or not it needs the bells.

Lastly, I need to get my Pestigors (counts as plaguebearers) based and painted.

Small update - I got some more work done on his shoulder pad. I've tried to explain how I do it on the picture:

Here you can see how it looks more like a piece of the miniature now, rather than just tacked on. Still needs the leather strap done, though.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Slowly but surely...

... I'm getting these little squiggies painted.

While it may not look like much, I can assure you, highlighting and blending 30 Squigs is.

I've gotten the blue done on all 30, and as you can see, starting to paint the mouths on the first 10. I'm taking this 10 at a time, doing the gums and teeth, since I was starting to go bonkers painting 30 at a time. The blue may need some touch ups here and there, but for the most part the front row of squigs are done (the riders obviously need to be painted next). Thankfully the mouth and teeth are pretty easy and quick to paint, so I'm hopefully getting to the riders soon.

Still, even a picture such as this is unforgiving - I'm starting to notice all the little blotches, errors, bad blends, etc - I need to remind myself that these guys are meant for the gaming table.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Let's take this up a notch.

After having almost completed the squigs in the planned colour scheme (at least the blue colour), I realised that I just wasn't happy with it. What looked pretty good on the smaller scale squig herd, looked a bit chalky and well, drybrushed on the larger squigs. So, realising that I wouldn't be happy with them, I decided to grab my brushes, colours, glaze medium and layer them all.

Unfortunately I've been held back by a nasty cold for the last 3 days, but before that I managed to get 12 of the critters to this stage, so it's doable - sure, it takes a bit longer, but this looks much much better, and is something I'm proud of showing people, rather than "well, it's a pretty nice result for how fast it is, right?".

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

This is MADNESS! No. This. Is...

... Batch painting 30 Boingrot Bounders and Squig Hoppers!

There's no two ways around it. Painting battle line, especially lots of them, is boring to me. But I'm determined to actually get this army painted, so I've decided to batch paint every single squig in one round. This way I won't get tempted to "save one unit for later", since none of them will be finished if I don't paint them. Seeing as I've managed to get them ready for the two final highlights in two nights (about 6.5 hours = 13 minutes pr Squig so far), I'm keeping a pretty good pace. My plan is to get in at least an hour or two every night, and I'll hopefully have them done at the end of the month.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Murr-Loon da Wizard on da Walking Castle

Hi guys - although it's been a busy weekend, I managed to get a few hours of hobby time this sunday evening, where I got to work on my (Privateer Press Hordes) Trollbloods Mountain King, that had been sitting in dishwash and water for some hours.

I really like the idea of a giant troll being a hero in this army - but I just don't like the aesthetics of the Dankhold Troggoths, and the Forge World Troggoth Hag looks bad - in a bad way. I really don't like that miniature at all. However, the size and the concept (rules and abilities) were cool, so I decided to make something out of the Mountain King, which I've liked since I first saw it. Privateer Press are weird in that sometimes they make amazing miniatures, other times they look like... Well, poo.

Anyway, this is a great miniature. The size, the pose, and the details. Great cast too. There are a ton of gaps to fill on the rocks on his back, but this is pretty easily done.

The idea is that Murr-Loon, da mighty Shroomwizard, advisor of Arr-Durr, has somehow magically tamed this gargantuan troll, and rides the troll into combat (hence the magic abilities). The Troll throws rocks in every direction (6 vomit attacks, at 10") and hits very very hard (bulk and fist attacks).

I won't be doing too much to this miniature, as I really like it as is. I need to figure out exactly how to make the shaman stand of the shoulder of the troll (I imagine him holding a chain, bolted to some of the rocks?), remove the last of the troll whelps emerging from the trolls skin, and figure out how to make some ears.

First the photoshopped concept sketch:

Here he is (excuse the lump of blu tac holding his head into place while the green stuff is drying): 

And here you can see a close up of the face; Trollbloods don't have noses, which make them look very distinctive; this I needed to remedy, so I used a spare nose from the Rockgut kit, and modelled it onto the face - still needs greenstuffing, which I've tried to emulate with Photoshop here - I'm still pondering what I'm gonna do about ears though - any ideas? (Rockguts and River Trolls are a bit too small for this)  - but his new nose makes him look much more like he belongs in the Warhammer universe: