Khorne Army 2009

My first army when I returned to the hobby - I've learnt a lot since, but it sure was fun. Sold off around 2012. I had quite a lot more than I have pics of, unfortunately, but I recall there being 24 berserkers (3 squads of 8), ALL of them having unique action poses.

Special mention goes to my Berzerker dreadnought - it was the first time in 15 years that I'd done a conversion; I had this idea in my head, a dreadnought with a juggernaut head, and I HAD to do it. I bought a blender dreadnought kit and a pack of Skullcrushers, JUST to get the juggernaut head (looking back, I've done this a lot since - this might be the point where it went south. :D )

Anyway, I still feel he's a good conversion, even 8 years after - I had next to no bits and had to use whatever was in those 2 kits I bought:

Here he is:

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