Thursday 28 May 2015

Kastelan Robots - (and a feeling that GR is cheating on me)

I'm just kidding about the last thing - Of course GR is cheating on me. If he has an itch, he is going to scratch it with or without my approval ;)

I, however, am not even close to running out of pure 'mechanicus joy'. I love almost everything about the new models, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next wave. Right now I'm working on this guy.

The only thing about the kastelan robots, I really dislike, is the eye-screen-thingy. Because of its ridiculous look, I decided to greenstuff over it, as to give the helmet a completely smooth surface on which I can go nuts with freehand! Besides the helmet, I had GR fix the leg to allow for more bend in the knee. I also added an extra gun barrel to the one arm, so that it looks twinlinked even though I used a powerfist part for the other hand. The overall look of this model is (in my book) far superior to what GW has come up with.

The next robot is going to be slightly more challenging as I will try to make it look like it is running. Stay tuned for more in weeks to come.

Cheers - Andreas 2.0