Wednesday 3 June 2015

I'm cheating too then...

OK, so we know something is coming up with Warhammer fantasy. We also have a faint idea that it might be possible to play with round bases. This is where I start getting interested, and I have started toying with some skaven clan rats. I'm not sure if that is the army I want to play yet, but I had to start somewhere. I will probably paint a unit from a few different armies before I decide sometime around the release of the rulebook. Enough talk - Pictures.

I'm doing cobblestone bases on these guys because I have a vision of doing alot of city terrain for fantasy.

Here are a few pictures of the test model. It's what I would call high tabletop standard for warhammer fantasy which is where I'm most comfortable. If I spend any more time on a single mini, I don't see myself finishing an army :p

Lets see what happens next ;)