Saturday 9 December 2017

The more things change...

... The more Tzeentch likes 'em!

A few updates from my friday evening - the wife was exhausted and the kitten got neutered today, so they both went to sleep early - meaning hobby time for me!

I've been working on the Troll for my Tzeentchian warband - I've wanted to make a downright FUBAR'ed chaos troll for some time, and what better chaos god than Tzeentch to FUBAR something? His background story, which I'll come around to soon, is that he was a nice, regular, barbarian-eating stone troll from the north, who somehow had the misfortune of running into a spawn, eating it and the rest... Well, it was a meal that didn't end well.

I know it's a mess right now, but I promise it'll start to make sense, once I get some greenstuff on him - or not, which is probably good, since it's a Tzeentchian Troll. ;)

There's so many different parts involved, that I can't even begin to make sense of them - mad props to anyone who can name them all.

The other update is a couple of simple conversions - a Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch (based on a blood warrior) and a Pink Horror from the Silver Tower box, with a couple of arms added (to get rid of some of the "blister pack syndrome" he suffers a bit from.)