Wednesday 13 February 2019

Let's take this up a notch.

After having almost completed the squigs in the planned colour scheme (at least the blue colour), I realised that I just wasn't happy with it. What looked pretty good on the smaller scale squig herd, looked a bit chalky and well, drybrushed on the larger squigs. So, realising that I wouldn't be happy with them, I decided to grab my brushes, colours, glaze medium and layer them all.

Unfortunately I've been held back by a nasty cold for the last 3 days, but before that I managed to get 12 of the critters to this stage, so it's doable - sure, it takes a bit longer, but this looks much much better, and is something I'm proud of showing people, rather than "well, it's a pretty nice result for how fast it is, right?".