Sunday 29 March 2020

Warcry, Warcry, Warcry!

Hi guys - long time, no update, busy as usual, yada yada.

I've been really busy hobbying, though - since Warcry came out this summer, I've been incredibly inspired, and it's rekindled my AoS skirmish fetish.

I'm working on a lot of different warbands - I'll (try to) show them here over the next few weeks, as they get ready for paint.

The first are "The Drowned" (counts as Nurgle Daemons).

I was really inspired by the idea of the Drowned Men warband from Wrath of the Everchosen - but more the name than anything else. I had this idea of a warband (Nurgle allegiance) made from deep sea horrors and horrible drowned zombies. Think Deepkin, but much more dark. The idea is that sailors and divers (which I'm sure exists in the mortal realms - if not, they do now) sometimes succumb to ilnesses of the ocean, like scurvy and other horrible diseases. When they do, the great father offers them the chance to be freed from pain and suffering - if only they wow to serve him in the sea. Many say yes, and plunge themselves into the sea, while wowing their pledge to the Nurgle. Indeed, the pain and suffering disappears, but so does their will and sanity. All that is left are bloated, drowned hulks of the men they were, seeking only to taint the living.

They are led into battle by the Duke of the Depths, a silent knight of the ocean, carried into battle by a huge squid-beast, accompanied by horrible giant Whelks and other sea monsters.

To most, they are little more than a legend that is whispered of by the campfires in the eightpoints. Stories are told of warbands, treading dry and barren earth, and suddenly finding their feet submerged in ankle high water. Through a heavy fog stumbles the rotting forms of once noble seafarers and divers, and horrible monsters emerge. Few have seen them, and fewer still have survived to tell the tale of The Drowned.

The Duke of the Depths is a plague drone leader. The Angler monster is going to be a Slaughterpriest ally - I think the bloodbind ability gives a great "anglers lure" vibe. The crabs are gonna be Armoured Whelks from Wyrds The Other Side used as Beasts of Nurgle (they fit 60 mm bases), and the drowned are Gellerpox mutants used as plague bearers.

I'm still working on the final touches and what I'm gonna do to the crabs, but it's getting there.