Sunday 6 August 2023

A reboot - of a sort.

Dear readers of this blog - it's time for a change. 

If you are a regular visitor, you'll know that I'm horrible at updating. Sometimes it's a few days between updates, sometimes it's a year. Such is life, when you are swamped with tiny humans craving attention, care and even food, and you are trying to fit some hobby-time into your life as well - then updating the blog is pretty far down the list. 

Another de-motivational factor is the lack of interaction as well. I recieve very few comments here, and 95% of them are useless spam. Therefore, I've decided to deactive comments - it's just useless clutter. 

Most of the interaction one gets these days, on hobby posts, are on social media. I've tried to hop on that bandwagon as well, as you can see here to the right (Facebook and Instagram). 

As such, the SoMe platforms are where we are doing our comments, interactions with questions, etc, but this blog will be kept alive as an online picture gallery for the projects (which is nice to have, since FB and Instagram both have pretty bad image compression, and we like our nice hi-res pictures.)

So - please stop by our FB page or my Instagram profile, and leave a comment or two - and have fun browsing this site. I've tried to give it a bit of a facelift as well, as I grew a bit tired of the very dark theme. 

On another note, the crew is changing a bit. Andreas, while still a member of this blog, hasn't been active for quite a few years, and I need a Bitter Old Painter Partner-In-Crime to keep me motivated, so some time ago I approached a good buddy of mine, and he agreed to join. It's been quite some time ago, but we're only now really starting to get this motor running, so it's time for a proper introduction of... 


DigitAllan (or Allan, as I usually call him) is a great guy that I met a my workplace (a public school in Copenhagen) about ten years ago. It took a few years for us to realise that we're both miniature-geeks, but then our friendship took off. 3 years ago, Allan moved 300 km away, to a small town outside Aarhus, but if that #&€% Covid pandemic taught us anything, it is that social interaction can come in many forms. Thus, Allan, a few other cool dudes and myself regularly have Facetime painting sessions where we spar, critique and mostly goof around and joke with each other. It's a great way to keep motivation up, when sometimes it's so much easier to just get caught in some YouTube rabbithole. 

Anyway, Allan is the new Bitter Old Painter to join the blog. I hope you'll enjoy his contributions, he's a really good painter and a ditto modeller, and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with as well. He'll write a few words about himself shortly. 

So what's in the future for Bitter Old Painters? 

To be honest? We don't know. We'll try to make the updates happen somewhat regularly, but no promises made. This is a Hobby (with a capitol H) to both of us and motivation has a tendency to fluxuate. However, we are both very much enjoying GW's Kill Team 2021, and are playing lots of games, busy getting ideas for new teams and building and painting them - so expect a lot of 40k skirmish content in the future. Allan also has a weird infatuation with Blood Bowl (which he likes to play with his two boys), so we'll probably get some of that as well. 

As for Warcry, I still really like it and I WILL get around to painting my warbands one day, but for now we're so inspired by Kill Team that it takes up most of the hobby time. 

Remember - always follow inspiration. 

Best regards, and hoping to hear from you on FB or Instagram,