Monday 16 October 2023

 I’ve done it! Painted a Kill Team in less than a week! That’s a first for me. 

I got really inspired by the Pariah Nexus animation on Warhammer+ and felt a sudden urge to make a Hierotek Circle Kill Team. I had 5 immortals lying about from an abandoned project a long time ago, and a royal warden plus various other bits from when the Indomitus box was the hottest new thing. I realised I only needed a cryptek to have a complete kill team, and an idea formed. 

I’m not too crazy about the crypteks, except for the psychomancer - that miniature is amazing. On the other hand I’ve been thinking about the Hexmark since he came out, and wondering what I could use it for. I had the Psychomancer lying around (used the body for another project), and I bought a Hexmark and set about making a “mini Illuminor Szeras”. 

The Deathmark needed to come out of a portal, courtesy of Pariah Nexus. That is just the coolest thing ever, and the ploy even lets me do it in the game. I sanded him flat on one side, mounted him on a thin piece of plasticard and tried my best to paint it like a portal. Originally I wanted it to be geometrical shapes, ala the animation, but I soon realised that there was no way I could paint neat geometrical shapes, with the Deathmark already glued to the portal. 

I hope you like it - 5 nights (about 3-4 hours a night) - that’s definitely speed-paint for me (I usually spend a month or two on a Kill Team) and I quite like the look and the “pop” of the green glow. They’re primarily contrast on leadbelcher, except for the green, which is layed and glazed greens.