Sunday 4 May 2014

Welcome to the Bitter Old Painters Blog!

This blog came to be during a conversation between Johan and 2.0, being inspired by some of the great blogs out there; Tale of Painters, Massive Voodoo, etc., just to name a few. They wanted in on the action too! Rasmus was invited, a bit of bashing our heads together trying to come up with a name, and the blog became a reality.

Most of us have had or still has blogs on some of the biggest wargamer forums – Dakka, Bolter&Chainsword, Warseer, etc, and these will still be maintained – although the WIP pics of new stuff will primarily be on this blog, while pics of finished works will be found on the forums.

This blog will be primarily focused on the creative aspect of the miniature hobby - all of us game to some degree, but we are mainly attracted to the painting and converting aspect of the hobby.
Rasmus and Andreas mainly dabbles with 40k, and the specialist games connected to the universe, and Johan has recently taken up WarmaHordes again, painting armies with almost fanatical zeal and speed.

You’re very welcome to drop us a note, or better yet, leave a comment or critique in a blog post – we all love getting response on our work, including ways to better it. J