Saturday 10 May 2014

While away from home...

2.0 here

So right now I'm sitting a few hundred kilometres away from home in the kingdom of Jutland or whatever this dark place is called. I don't have any of my painting supplies or miniatures with me, which means I have to recreate in some other way. Fortunately the local gaming store was open today, and that gave me the chance to look at something different. Although I'm a huge Games Workshop fanboy by any standard, I would still categorize myself as open-minded to alternative games. Johan will be posting alot of hordes/warmachine, and GR is mainly focusing on GW products, so I thought I'd give myself a different focus - behold

Just kidding... Well not completely. I will of course keep painting GW and P3 miniatures, but at some point during my summer vacation I intend to pick up one or two of the new plastic boxes from Wyrd's Malifaux. I have previously owned some of the miniatures and played a single game, but 40k just took up all my time back then. Now that Wyrd has released a second editon of the game and some cool new (plastic) minis, there is no longer any good reason for me not to look into this strange new world of wonders/horrors. There are new improved computersculpts for alot of the old minis, which P3, as a slightly bigger company, could learn alot from. The first box I'm going to pick up and paint will be this badboy.

It might be hard to make out just how cool these guys are, but thankfully the Wyrd web shop has some high quality pictures -
Check it out if you are a fan of the heroic-horror-steampunk-fantasy genre, or if you just like great miniatures. 

Thanks for reading