Saturday, 18 March 2017

A bit of progress on the Nurgle Trolls

So I've managed to actually slap some paint on my trolls. Having a dedicated painting station makes it so much easier to just paint 30 - 60 minutes each night, and they're suddenly done! I'm pretty close to completing them, they just need some rust and gore, but they'll get that after varnish.


  1. Really fabulous. Are the base models river trolls?

  2. Thanks! Indeed they are river trolls. Lots of grinding off every scale, using every extra arm in the kit, lots of spikes, milliput, greenstuff, and Mortarch heads, and some tyranid bits. :) They were a lot of work, both modeling and paint wise, but I think it paid off.

  3. Amazing paint job and lovely conversions. It's hard to tell they were river trolls!