Thursday 25 May 2017

Ramshackle, filthy and disgusting...

Now, what is this? A new edition of 40k is upon us, and seeing the new incredible Death Guard miniatures that'll come with the new starter, I got all inspired to reboot my lovely Zombies-in-Power-Armour™. I'm also very excited to see what else they have in store, as there seems to be more plague marines in the teaser video (probably multi part boxed set) and, wait for it... Terminators! Proper Death Guard Terminators!

Anyway, I started rummaging through my bits boxes last night, and cobbled this together - it's very rough and just a mockup, but I think it would be cool to make this new project a lot more ramshackle, and torn up, than my last DG army. I'm especially trying to incorporate more asymmetry than I'm used to, which is a bit of a challenge, since I'm used to creating balance in my miniatures - however, the asymmetry gives a certain aesthetic, which I really like.

Lastly, following the new style of the new minis, I'll use a lot less "chaos trim" than I've previously done, which is a bit of a relief - it takes forever to paint and sculpt, and I think the minis look all the cleaner for it. This guy will get some of the trim removed as well:

Update: I've made a few changes, especially the sarcophagus armour, and begun sticking him together for real: