Sunday 12 November 2017

Well, this isn't 40k related in the slightest...

... But sometimes you gotta follow inspiration.

Man, I sound like a broken record player, but I've been really busy lately. So much so, that I haven't touched my Nurgle guys in a few weeks. I sat at my computer last night, and got a sudden urge to paint something not in power armour. I rummaged through my bits box and found 5 of the "Data Daemons" from my shelved Dark Mechanicus project, and suddenly inspiration struck - "I want to paint ghosts!"

I glued them back together (I had originally separated the spirit hosts, and put one model on each base - counts as daemonettes for Dark Mechanicus) to the best of my ability, using LOTS of plastic glue, gave them a quick Corax White spray, and went to town with Nihilakh Oxide, Coelia Greenshade and black and white. It came out pretty good I think, especially considering I only used 3 hours including building them, and I like that they have a bit more contrast than you usually see.

What's it for, you ask? An idea is brewing, which may or may not happen. We'll see. :)