Wednesday 31 January 2018


Been working a bit more on the rat warband - it's starting to come together. I think I've solved the issue about the Warlocks claw - I really wanted him to have a mechanical claw, but the first iteration was to orky and big. This is cobbled together from some Dark elf spiky things, and a Kataphron servitor claw. He also got an extra mechanical arm with the warploque pistol, just because:

I also made the second rat ogre for the warband - just a IoB rat ogre, with an extra arm added and another head - and a bit of a repose. I really like those rat ogres, but I wanted to tweak it a bit. I'm also contemplating giving him a warpfire gun and a mechanical claw on the lower left arm, but I'm a bit stumped about what to use for the warpfire gun.

And a group shot, also including my gutter runner with a little gas mask: