Wednesday 18 July 2018

Long time, no blogging...

Yup, usual excuses - band's been busy, being a houseowner, work, wife, etc - and most of all, just not being inspired. Anyway, GW's doing a Kill Team - and while the teams look very bland to me at the moment, that's not stopping me from doing a cool project I've been wanting to do for a few years - Ork Pirates! I know that they sort of divide people, some people think they're stupid, some think they're awesome - IMO, if any race should have pirates, it must be orks. Without further ado, very much WIP, I bring you...

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk and his Freebootaz!

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk, Gibbz and Hectork:

Da Cannoneers:

Da Powdermonkeys:

Ol' Clanka:

Not shown yet is a Stormboy conversion. More to come soon, hopefully. :)