Wednesday 24 April 2019

WIP Wednesday.

Yup, WIP Wednesday. Apparently, it's a thing. At least it is now. Since I have a WIP and it's wednesday.

This guy (the Maggoth Beast, that is) is OLD. I'm not sure if I made it back when the Maggoths first came out, during the end times in 2014, or if he's a little younger, perhaps when I started messing with AoS at first, shortly after it's release.

Anyway, I kinda like the Maggoths at first, but they suffer from a bit of the same malady as the Mutalith - it has a tendency to look a little flat from certain angles. I wanted to make it wilder and more chaosy, and since it came with two extra arms, and extra heads, I thought "why not?" and decided to make this crazy beast. And then, it sat in my cabinet of stranded projects for some years. Until now.

The rider, I made yesterday. I wanted him to be less fighter-y and more sorcerer-y, and I think he conveys a quiet malediction, that somehow gives a cool contrast to the wild beast.

I'm not sure what he's going to be played as; perhaps a Verminlord corruptor? (Tongue = tail attacks, lots of melee attacks = four arms, wizard = the rider on top), or maybe even a Mutalith vortex beast - I don't know yet, but suggestions are welcomed. I just think it's a cool model and it needs to get on the tabletop.

(PS: The real Maggoth lord warscrolls are pretty boring to me, so I'd rather not use those).