Monday 24 June 2019

Scarcity of time

As always, I apologise for the long time since my last update, but this time I actually have a valid excuse! My wife gave birth to a little baby boy two weeks ago (affectionately known as "The Squig"), and believe me, when they say that babies eat up all your free time, it's true! It's wonderful and magical and the craziest thing ever and really tough getting next to no sleep - but I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)

Anyway - I've managed to get some work done (most of it before "The Age of Squig"), so I wanted to share them - they still need to get details, varnish, and blood and rust effects, so WIP.

First up, my Great Unclean One - I really like the way the shoulder pad turned out, it's nice to get some of the green of the Blight Kings onto this guy:

Lord of Afflictions:

Also, said Blight Kings:

My Maggoth Lord conversion (probably gonna count as a Verminlord Corruptor, once the wizard rider gets done)

And the project I'm mostly excited about; I bought a Glottkin a loooooong time ago, and made a new head for it, since I wasn't really a fan of the original one. However, I wasn't really happy with the model overall either - It's always struck me as a great concept, with a somewhat lacklustre execution.

I took a deep breath, dunked him in rubbing alcohol, and stripped the old paintjob. I ripped my original converted head off him, and made a new one from the "arm-face" of Rotigus, combined with the horns from one of the GUO heads, and the lower jaw of Ghurk - now THATS more like it! Much more tormented and evil looking. The other change was his right arm - I love the lamprey maw, but the arm just seemed weirdly short and out of place on such a big model. I cut it of and reposed it, and added the censer from the Skaven Plague Furnace, as a giant wrecking ball - YEAH! Now we're getting somewhere!
Lastly I added some claws from some sort of Tyranid monster to the tentacle, since I thought it was a bit weedy looking - more spikes are always more gooder!

Obviously he still needs quite a bit of sculpting, blending and detailing, and a rider added (I'm contemplating a guy with a cannon, actually), and I'm thinking about magnetising him to his base, so I can have two bases and use him as either The Glottkin or a Soul Grinder. Still, I'm really excited about him, and I really like where it's going: