Saturday 18 April 2015

More Skitarii - Ave Deus Machina

Hi guys, GR here. As you've probably read from Andreas, he and I have started a joint project - a Skitarii army (which will hopefully evolve into a full blown Mechanicus army, when GW releases a codex).

We're both pretty excited about it, and we seem to have found a common ground in our paint styles - which is pretty cool considering that we normally have very different styles (he paints very cleanly, me being more into gritty, blanchitzuish styles). Anyway, enough with the talk - I'm almost finished with a complete ten man unit of Skitarii (Vanguard? I think?) - I just need to put together the last two guys with the plasma rifle thingies, and get some paint on them. I've also gotten hold of a box of Rust Stalkers, which are some of the coolest models GW has released in a long time imho, and put them together - they are next in the paint line. Without further ado, Skitarii;

I'm really liking the way the red coats and the turquoise glow makes them "pop" on the table - It's a quite simple, but very effective color scheme. We debated doing some freehand on the coats, but decided against it, since it IS an army project - it would be cool on a few models, or even a unit, but 40 skitarii would be too much work.

As always, all comments and critique is appreciated.