Monday 6 April 2015

Time for a change

As a hard-pressed student who spends most of his offtime sleeping or watching series, it can be rather inconvenient to keep a blog up to date. Especially when the other two guys are doing good-quality pictures with fancy effects and a logo, which puts some pressure on me.

Well it is time for a change. I am not going to be concerned with that any longer. If I have the time to take and make a good picture, I will. Otherwise I will still try to post a picture of my work every time there is some progress to show.

Which brings us to this -
I really wanted to add some guardsmen as allies to my space marines (I haven't posted any pics of them yet, but I'll get to that at some point), so I painted these guys. It took alot of time, and after I was done it didn't really seem like a good idea to paint another 50 and some vehicles.

Especially when this guy alone took somewhere close to 2,5 hours to paint -

Even though the guard project was doomed from the beginning, I still got the time to make this fine chicken-thing.

I really like the look of this walker, and it pains me to know, that it will never have friends.

After the dead guard project, I decided to get the new fantasy flight game - Imperial Assault, and paint the miniatures included. The sculpts aren't quite as pretty as one could have hoped, but I still think that they do alot to immerse you in the game. Here is my take on storm troopers and some star wars heroes-

And of course some OSL from the lightsaber -

I am not done with this project yet, and I will post some more pictures when there is progress to show.

The next project I started was actually born from my love of painting banners. I really wanted to freehand something cool and simple, so I bought 10 bloodletters just to get this guy -

The paintjob here is very subtle but it was a great deal of fun to try and get some depth into the khorne symbol, which I think went pretty well.

Finally GR and I decided that we want to do a project together. We have tried this once before and failed miserably, but finally there is a project worth giving it another go. I am sorry for the quality, but take this as a teaser for what is to come!

Lo and behold -
Skitarii Rangers. And a great deal more to come in the next few months.

/Andreas 2.0