Friday 24 April 2015

Red cloth and metal

Most of the skitarii army will consist of either some form of red or metal. This is why there are two crucial things to think about when painting these models.

1. Those two parts need to be fast to paint.
2. They need to look great.

These two things aren't always easy to achieve simultaniously, but I think GR and I have found a way to balance it out. First of the 'fast to paint' part is very relative, but we both agree, that as long as this step of the miniature feels like the relaxed part of the painting process, we are close to what we both consider a reasonable time to paint. Secondly we have found that the 'looking good part' comes down to deep shadows and an edge highlight.

The first picture below shows the red cloth without highlights (Except the guy to the left), and the second picture shows the cloth with a fine 'wild rider red' highlight. I think it makes a huge difference. If you look at the guy second from the left, you can see how the orange highlight also helps create the illusion of deeper shadows in the darker parts of the red.

When these guys are done, I plan on doing a metal and cloth tutorial for the Skitarii rangers/vanguard.

Until then I hope you have bought some of these guys for yourself, as they are nothing less than amazing sculpts.