Saturday, 30 September 2017

Saturday is Release day!

Hi guys.

Like a lot of other Nurgle fans, I had been looking forward to the new plastic Typhus, and was somewhat... Underwhelmed when I first saw it. It suffers the same malady as a lot of GW's recent offerings - incredible detail (perhaps to the point of being overdone) but a poor pose. However, when I got a chance to look at the sprues last saturday when Typhus got on preorder, I saw that the things I disliked about were pretty easy to fix - for me that is the Nurgling on his side (I HATE nurglings - I don't want silly, I want scary!) and his "Whoah, Nelly!" pose. 

As soon as I got home from my plastic pusher today, I started cutting him apart. The conversion isn't very complicated, and doesn't require any additional bits other than what's in the box, but it does require some very careful cutting of his left leg, and reposing both of them, so he's not leaning back - he's almost doing the limbo on the original. Then I cut off the tab on his neck, allowing the head to be reposed. Lastly, the right arm is carefully cut off, cut down a bit, and reposed into another position. And of course, the stupid nurgling is cut and scraped off. ;) 

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the transformation - he has gone from "meh" to "pretty darn intimidating" IMO. Let me hear what you think. :) Not quite sure if I like the top photos casting spell pose of the left hand, or the bottom "come at me bro" hand - opinions?

PS: I also got the grinder PM elite thingy guy, a box of Death Shroud and the new Blight Lords - more stuff coming soon!


  1. Now that is a marked improvement! I hate the GW posed one, but you really have transformed it into something menacing. Bravo

  2. That looks much, much better! Great job.

    I've been considering replacing his left hand and adding a Dark Eldar Warrior or someone like that with a topknot who he's holding by the hair and about to decapitate with the scythe. Not sure how feasible that will be.

    For the left hand on yours, I prefer the "spell-casting" pose. The "come at me, bro" thing seems more like something Lucius would do than Typhus.

  3. Thanks guys! :)

    I think I agree with the hand pose - He's more of a silent killer, than a come at me bro type.

  4. You should definitely join us in the #makedeathguardgreatagain challenge!

  5. Wow, does he look so much better! The pose and that nurgling really hurt the model. Just modifying the pose shows that he is really one of the better models released for the Death Guard. Amazingly, his anatomy is better than most of the other model, particularly the other Terminators. His arms are attached lower (not up by his ears, like other terminators), and he even seems to have an abdomen (again something lacking on virtually all space marine and chaos space marine models, aside from the Primaris marines). My blog (Between the Bolter and Me) actually has a challenge going, encouraging people to try to improve the newly released Death Guard models, with a focus on improving the anatomy. Your Typhus model seems perfect for it!

    If interested a link to the relevant post is below:

    Again, great job!