Monday, 2 October 2017

Progress on Typhus and the Blight Lord Terminators.

I've gotten a bit further on the Typhus conversion. I've tweaked his pose a bit, thanks to some suggestions I've gotten - his stance is changed a tiny bit, and his right arm is a bit more relaxed, while his left arm has gotten reposed quite a bit, making it more forward pointing - a major improvement to me.

While I disliked the cloud of flies, not having them left him a bit bare - so I'm experimenting with adding some creepy insect legs, to make him seem more of a living insects nest, waiting to burst open.

I'm still contemplating if I should make him completely my own character, an old favourite known as Pandemion. 

I've also made some progress on the Blight Lord terminators. I wanted to love the kit, I really did, since I adored the blight kings kit - but I don't. 
A few of my dislikes; 

1) There's not enough weapons. Only 3 axes, 3 swords, and 1 of each type of combi weapon. Come on, GW. 

2) There's next to no options regarding torsos, arms, poseability, etc. I really disliked the "fly" while the rest of the DG community seem to adore him, and I hated the flabby fat guy. I had to do some pretty heavy conversions to get rid of them. 

The kit really needed another sprue. They're more expensive than the blight kings, but with far less options. 

Anyway, here they are - very WIP, but getting there. The champion with the flail is made with combining parts from the Lord of Contagion and the BL bits, and the lower pic is showing some conversions I'm doing for combiplasmas, and making the Blight Launcher a bit more impressive, by combining it with the plague spewer: 


  1. I've moved on past my Nurgle army when my Admech came out. I really like what you've done with Typhus and really appreciate the cut line indicators on the sprue. May have to pick one up or "fix" one for a friend. Thank you!

  2. I want a bunch of BlightLords, so I was planning on making a batch of 15 out of one of their boxes, one of regular Chaos Termies, and one of BlightKings. I figure that should let me get something satisfactory.

    I am kind of disappointed that they don't have a Power Maul equivalent, or options for Power Fists/Lightning Claws, in the Dex. I had a number of cool ideas for modeling those.

    1. Thanks a lot - they're definitely cool models, but it can take some conversion work to get them as you want them - which it looks like you're ready to do. :)

  3. Welp, today I learned that Nurgle termis look aaaawesome.
    I really dig the insect legs on Typhus, where do they come from? They don't look like any of GW's models that I can think of so I'm guessing another mini seller?

    1. looks like tentacles from the chaos spawn,and awesome typhus indeed

    2. Hi there - sorry, didn't see your question until now.

      Correct, two of them are from the Chaos spawn, and the dual one is from the Blight Kings kit. :)

    3. Thanks my dude, have a very nice day