Saturday 30 December 2023

2023 - a recap

 I've never done a new years recap before, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

I've probably had the most productive year in a very long time - thinking back, I don't think I've done as much hobbying in 10 years! It started out with me starting and finishing my Death Guard Kill Team in january - and getting so excited about actually getting something painted, that I proudly proclaimed to Allan that my goal for 2023 was to paint a Kill Team each month (which I would, of course, miserably fail to do). However, it was motivation enough that I've actually started and finished 5(!) whole Kill Teams this year. By the way, the reasonable thing to do would of course be to just go ahead and paint some of the 6+ already built Kill Teams I have on my shelf of potential (I refuse to call it shelf of shame!), but being the mad kitbasher I am, I had to build all the teams beside the Nurgle legionaries I've painted this year too! (The truth is, that me being ever the hobby-butterfly, my motivation to paint is so much improved when I build something new and exciting, so I decided to just go with it.) Here they are: 

Death Guard Nurgle Legionaries

White Templars Intercession

Necron Hierotek Circle

Mechanicus Strike Team (counts as Hive Fleet)

Inquisitor Ivana Fyodorovas Retinue (counts as Strike Force Justian)

Besides getting a (for me) impressive amount of painting done, and actually finishing stuff, I've managed to build some cool teams, that are now waiting in the painting que: 

Inquisitorial Interrogation Kill Team


Word Bearers Legionaries

Moreover, I've gotten hold of a cool rustique gaming table, inspired by the awesome stuff I see a lot of the Inq28 conneisseurs play on - basically a used coffee table, with IKEA legs, but it certainly looks the part. 

Yes, I am aware that my Zone Mortalis setup is still very much unpainted. I am intending to remedy that, and have actually gotten to taking it all apart and giving it all base coats with spray cans. It took 8(!) full cans of varying colours to paint it all:

1/4 of the terrain pieces I've sprayed...

Lastly, I've gotten hold of some old Cities of Death terrain - quite a lot actually, and very cheap to boot. Why? Because I wanted a open board table setup, that isn't as locked or claustrophobic as my Zone Mortalis board. The reason why I've chosen the old CoD is because of the height of it. While the new Sector Imperialis terrain looks amazing, each level is 5" tall. That may be great for 40k, so big monsters and Dreadnoughts can walk under it, but I find it much too tall for Kill Team. Each level is almost exactly the same as the Octarius terrain, making it perfect for KT. Why not just use Octarius then? Because I'm not the biggest fan of things that are super orkish - I wanted a destroyed Imperial City. 

I'm very happy with it, I got a full tables worth for very little money, plus a lot of pieces to spare. They're pretty well painted to, and I'm still debating whether or not to repaint it. 

Ripping the pieces of the bases... 

Oh, and my new battle mat - again, found it for a great price, I just need to cut it to size: 

Well, that pretty much sums up 2023, hobbywise, for me. It's been one of my most productive years in a looooong time, and I'm very pleased with how much I've gotten done. 

So, how about 2024? Well, during the last week of this year, I've started painting my Word Bearers team, which I hope to finish in January, to have them ready for a Chill Team get-together weekend (the guys I meet up with to paint and chat online). When they are done, I probably should get my terrain together, but there's also the Gellerpox calling to me, and I have a great idea (at least on paper) for a speedpaint scheme for my Hand of The Archon team... So many models, so little time. 

Anyway, I hope you have a happy new year, and hopefully more updates from me soon! I'll leave you with this small teaser of a Word Bearer with paint on: 

Best regards, Rasmus.