Saturday 30 December 2023

Word Bearers - old hate for the Imperium never dies

"Excuse me, good sir, do you have a moment to speak about our lord and savior, Lorgar?"

Since spending all my pocket money on a Night Lords army in 2nd edition, I've always loved Chaos Space Marines. I never saw the reason why anyone liked the Word Bearers though. Since reading Anthony Reynolds' Word Bearer trilogy about ten years ago, they've been my favourite legion. No other legion are as evil, fanatic, religiously devout and well... Chaotic as the Word Bearers. They have preachers, possessed, grisly trophies, they use torture, build gigantic shrines using ground up mortals as mortar... What more could you want from a traitor legion? 
I built a Word Bearers team at the launch of Kill Team '21. They were fine, but I find that in order to really get bitten by a project, I have to LOVE the miniatures. So, since getting quite a few cool teams done this year, I thought it was time to reboot them and make an AWESOME Word Bearers team, to be my go-to team.
I think I've accomplished that - at least in my own opinion. I can't wait to start painting them, and I really like the look of every single model.
From left to right: 
First Acolyte Ereshkigal, Icon Bearer Garash, Plasma Gunner Eshkar, Coryphaeus Kor Gahal, Possessed Torek Rak'Shal, Shrivetalon Tilhar and Heavy Gunner Serakh.
(They should be pretty self explanatory, except the guy with lightning claws - he counts as a Shrivetalon. The Icon Bearer is holding a "Heavy Bolter Lite" (Bolter with Tainted Rounds)